How Often Should You Invest In Professional Carpet Cleaning?

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Do you know as a homeowner, you should get your carpets cleaned professionally at least once a year? Well, opting for expert carpet cleaning in Canterbury can be the key to maintaining the functionality and aesthetics of your carpeting. Trust us; there’s much more to the maintenance of your floor covering than just regular vacuuming.

Thinking about how to determine the proper cleaning frequency for your carpeting? Read on.

Vacuuming your carpeting on a regular basis can be an effective way to maintain the longevity of your carpets. But, to keep your floor covering looking as well as performing at its best, it is always recommended to have them deep-cleaned professionally. However, you need to keep in mind that this frequency is just a general guideline and can vary from one home to another based on their circumstances.

Here’re a few vital questions which will help you determine the exact cleaning frequency.

4 Questions To Ask Yourself For Determining How Often You Should Opt For Carpet Cleaning In Canterbury

  1. Does Anyone In Your Family Have Allergies?

Carpet fibres act like a filter which collects much of the allergens and dust which float around in the air. When months pass by, allergy-inducing particles may get accumulated in the fibres. If allowed to build-up for long, these particles will be carried by the wind whenever someone walks across the carpet. Since these allergens can be removed only by a thorough cleaning, frequent cleaning is necessary.

  1. Are There Kids In Your Household?

It goes without saying that young children are synonymous with spills, smears and spatters. Whether its fruit juice, muddy footprints, finger paint or milk, it’s really challenging for parents to keep their carpets looking new all throughout the year. Moreover, with toddlers spending a lot of time on the carpeting, it’s important to keep the floor covering fresh.

Hiring a specialist who utilises eco-friendly cleaning agent can be the ideal way to ensure clean carpeting as well as keep your children safe from irritants.

  1. What Kind Of Traffic Does Your Carpet Go Through Daily?

More people lead to more traffic. Floor coverings at the entrance of your house or the hallway experience heavy traffic on a daily basis. Therefore, it is always recommended to frequently hire professionals who specialise in offering carpet cleaning in Canterbury. With their years of experience, experts can clean your carpets with utmost precision. On the other hand, carpets in bedrooms do not experience as much traffic and can be cleaned professionally once-in-a-year only.

  1. Do You Allow Pets In Your Carpeting?

Do you share your house with pets? If you answer yes, regular carpet cleaning is more important for you because even trained pets can cause a mess. Other than tracking outdoor grime into your house, pets can even distribute vomit, urine and faeces on your carpeting. Not only do accidents like these lead to unsightly stains, but also produce an unpleasant odour, making your house uninviting. Frequent professional carpet cleaning is thus important to neutralise the stains produced by pets.

So what are you still waiting for? It’s time to find a leading carpet cleaning company!

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